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Presentation the company

The Décalèou company is an association law 1901 and was created in 2007 in Marseille by Barth RUSSO.

She conducts research around:

• Clown and burlesque theater
• Transmission and training
• Body music
• Body percussion
• Human beat box
• Gum boots
• A cappella singing
• Object music

This is the mission that the company has set itself:
Use these universal artistic disciplines to generate social ties and awaken joy in society,
this supreme good which belongs to all of us.

It brings together two multi-disciplinary artists
• Barth Russo: actor, musician and transmitter
• Bruno Gare for the staging and the direction of the actor.

She has created and broadcast several shows
• Real facts with Luc Rodriguez from the France 2 dressing room series
  : burlesque theater and object music
• We are instruments: burlesque theatre, body music and music of objects, an interactive show.
• The Reetmic Apéro: an animation/performance, a pretext to let go and meet.

She also shares her art through many transmission and awareness activities with different audiences for years.

The Company has been referenced since 2017 in the Datadoc.
Barth RUSSO is a certified trainer at the Rire Médecin training institute.

His creations, his workshops and his trainings are aimed at a varied and exhaustive public.
From the youngest to the elders, handicapped or able-bodied, novices or initiates.

Barth happily roams every field as a game board. He likes to intervene everywhere: in theatres, schools, in companies, in the socio-educational environment, in hospitals, in festivals and even in private homes.
One of our fields of action is training in body music as a communication tool and at the service of well-being.

In order to explore the "field of possibilities", we propose innovative interventions by hospital clowns with specific training and experience, with a dependent public, particularly within specialized establishments.
The objective of these actions is to develop our artistic experiences in the field of the accompaniment of care practices and thus, to participate in the knowledge of the "know-how" and "know-how" of hospital clowns and to train the teams of care.


Head office: City of associations – BAL 154 -  93 La Canebiere 13001 Marseille  

SIRET: 509 275 244 00010 – APE: 9002Z - License: 2 106 3540  

Declaration number in the Prefecture: W 133004807 – Publication in the Official Journal: 31/03/2007

Listed on Datadock and Training organization N° Activity 931 315 247 13 

Company team

Compagnie Décalèou

B arth R usso

Takes his first steps in the entertainment world on stilts, and in the street (Batucada ambulatory company "Big barouf"). He trained in the art of clowning, first at  Samowar , with Franck Dinet, Ami Hattab, Lory Leshin, then under the direction of Alain Gautré, Michel Dallaire, and Hélène Gustin. Since 2001, he has been a Clown within the

Laugh doctor . He sets up and produces two humanitarian projects within the company: the show “Alfredo et Molette” goes to Romania.


The tour in the small villages alternates performances of the show and workshops for street children. This remarkable experience confirmed him in his conviction: these two universal disciplines are obvious pretexts for creating social ties.


In 2010, he lends a strong and percussive hand to  Clown Without Borders , on an expedition to Madras.

He is at the origin of all the artistic projects of the company: Alfredo and Molette, the concert workshop,  Real facts and Azuli duo.

He has been providing training in music and body percussion for various institutions for 7 years. Through the clown and body music, Barth finds the balance, the inspiration and the dynamism essential to a multi-performer artist.

Brune Gare

Bruno Station

Trained at the Jacques Lecoq school from 2003 to 2005, then in contact with pedagogues such as Alain Gautré, Michel Dallaire, Jos Houben, He then collaborated with Jos Houben (the eccentric circle), Alain Bauguil (Twelfth Night, The Imaginary Invalid ), Pascal Sanvic (Name of a little guy), the Macocco-Lardenois company (The island of slaves), the System Castafiore (The manual of the marvelous), The masked wolves (Monsieur Chasse), the Troupe du Phenix (The little world of Renaud)...

He participates in optical theater performances under the direction of Bruno Cohen, “  The Ghosts of Orange  " and "  The Titanic  », and also appears in short films by Susanna Martini, «  Just Naked  " and "  The omelette  », by Fred Couet, «  Homeless  », by Fred Ruiz, «  stars  »,  ...and in short sketches for the internet with Studio Bagel, Studio Movie…(Blat) or for television (Groland, Scène deménage).


He directs and co-writes several shows with modern circus companies  : Têtes de fêlés (clownish duo), the company Filet d'air (aerial circus) and the company Décaléou (body percussion, clown and handicap).

In addition, he acts as a clown in children's hospitals, within Le Rire Médecin since 2001, as an actor-clown and also as a coach for the actors of the company.


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