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The Décalèou company offers an innovative training based on body music to strengthen  the cohesion and well-being of your teams. It provides you with an adaptable tool to serve your audiences and your patients, generating joy and goodwill.


The Décalèou company was created in 2007 in Marseille.

She conducts research around  body percussion and transmission.

The main purpose of the association is to create and distribute artistic and theatrical performances to develop the practices and cultural knowledge of theater in schools and social structures.


Secondly, it aims to:

Propose and distribute to a dependent public, particularly within specialized establishments, innovative interventions by hospital clowns with specific training and experience.



Develop the practice of body music with teachers, facilitators, trainers and in the field of health and social professions  by promoting the transfer of "know-how" through training.


Indeed, since June 2014 the association is officially a training organization and listed datadock for 2 years for body percussion with "music as communication tools".  


A  training is  proposed around this tool:  Body music at the service of your profession.

The Company has been recognized by the Departmental Council and the Regional Council for the broadcast of shows on raising awareness of difference and for the overall operation of the association's actions.


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