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THE LANGUAGE OF THE OTHER,  September 2018, Tain L'hermitage,

The EPHAD de la Teppe (26) with the support of the Pôle Cirque Ardèche Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, has set up a large-scale project around the circus and music for people suffering from epilepsy, mental disorders but also aging.

It is in this context,  that Barth went to meet these different audiences. He intervened in body and vocal percussion...

The 47-minute documentary shows with empathy, rhythmic tenderness and benevolence the richness of his encounters and his exchanges facilitated by this artistic practice!


It's a real documentary capsule in the form of a "puff of air"  what we offer  Barth and Bruno to encourage us to overcome our fears and meet the other (S)...


Vitorino Russo, known as Barth, body-percussionist musician and actor, intervenes around the theme of the encounter at the La Teppe Medical Center, a place of reception, care and life, specializing in epilepsy and mental health.

Barth was born to a disabled father and an unstable mother. He was brought up by his aunt who also took care of his sister and his invalid father. Having become a clown artist in the hospital and an actor-musician, he naturally wanted to engage with vulnerable audiences through games and music. We followed him for 2 days as part of one of his interventions…

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