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3 musicians, 3 teachers, 3 practices  

Rhythm games and Gumboots with Barth Russo: 
HumanbeatBox with Gaspard Herblot
Konnakol: South Indian rhythmic system, with Dhamien Schmutz

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Dates, Contacts and booking:

February 15 & 16, 2020 at Agence de Voyages Imaginaires  117 Traverse Bovis, 13016 Marseille, France

Barts: +33 6 29 90 74 65

Prices : 

75 euros on weekends.
40 euros per day

Registration on the homepage 

A proposal of  : 

Barth Russo, Gaspard Herblot and Dhamien Schmutz found themselves at the crossroads of their artistic paths, during a meeting around body percussion in Paris in 2018. 

The desire to see each other again and to create together was born there, with evidence. 

Having complementary areas of predilection (Bodypercussion, beatbox and Konnakol), a common thirst for musical experiences and a pleasure to learn in both directions, the 3 rhythmicians have rolled the dice for a great adventure to come. The idea: - 3 meetings in Marseille, Metz and Brussels to take advantage of everyone's networks.  


Dhamien Schmutz

Konnakol is a phonetic rhythmic system from South India, derived from Carnatic music. The many games and rhythmic exercises, which combine sung onomatopoeia and hand claps, gradually lead to an intuitive release of rhythm. After an overall discovery of this "Indian scat", an emphasis will be placed on the odd measures and cycles for a journey of 5 to 7.  



GUMBOOTS STAGE and cooperative games based on body percussion Barth invites you to come and discover and practice this ancestral practice in joy. Gumboot, sometimes called Gumboot dancing or gumboot dance, is a type of percussive African dance practiced using rubber boots. This dance originated at the beginning of the 20th century, during Apartheid, with black miners in South Africa. Barth will offer cooperative, fun and accessible games upstream of the Gumboots in order to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for the course. A pretext to discover and/or improve in body and vocal percussion and meet others.  


Gaspard Herblot

HumanbeatBox The objective is to provide vocal and rhythmic techniques (articulation, dexterity in delivery, modulation of phrasing, ragga, skat, beatbox sounds, sound effects, body percussion) and to arouse the creativity of participants in order to enable them to develop their musical spontaneity during collective pieces. 

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