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We are Instruments
We Are Instruments

W e are Instruments

Burlesque theater and live music.
Body percussion, Human Beatbox and object music.


all ages from 2 years old - Duration: 1 hour

From inner music, to the practice of the instrument, through daily music, Anatole leads us in a playful way, to discover our body as an instrument.


From the heartbeat to body percussion, via the singing voice, a master class, crazy and wacky, for the whole family.

While desecrating the practice of music, Anatole invites us on an interactive musical journey, where everyone will become aware of their vibration and connection capacities and where everyone will emerge strong from a rediscovered musicality...


We are all instruments And Anatole got it into his head to make us vibrate.

Compagnie Decaleou , We are Instruments , Spectacle , Musique Corporelle
Apéro Reetmic

R eetmic aperitif _

Barth takes you into his joyful and humorous world for a festive aperitif.

A playful parenthesis, an excuse to create a bond at home, at work, at the beach...

The opportunity for a demonstration and an introduction to body and object music.

Compagnie Decaleou , Apéro Reetmic , Spectacle , Musique Corporelle
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