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"Meet 5 to 7"

3 musicians, 3 educators, 3 cities, 3 highlights of a new artistic season.

In Marseille in February 2020 at the Voyages imaginaires agency Cie Philippe CAR (date to be specified)

Barth Russo, Gaspard Herblot and Dhamien Schmutz met at the
crossroads of their artistic paths, during a meeting around the
body percussion in Paris in 2018.

The desire to see each other again and to create together was born there, with evidence.

Having complementary areas of predilection (Bodypercussion,
beatbox and Konnakol), a common thirst for musical experiences and a
pleasure of learning both ways,
the 3 rhythmicians have rolled the dice for a great adventure to come.
The idea: - 3 meetings in Marseille, Metz and Brussels to take advantage of everyone's networks.

- 4 to 5 days of occupation of the premises in order to offer internships
mixing their disciplines, playing their solo shows and giving themselves time to
creation to build a trio repertoire.

- a theme: from 5 to 7, to explore odd rhythmic systems
with the only tools body and voice.

- record a short film which will present the work accomplished.

The period: fall 2019 - summer 2020


Needs: cultural partners (performance hall, associative cafés, Mjc, etc.)
and education (Conservatories, music schools, training centers, etc.)

 Barth Russo 

Barth Russo

 Dhamien Schmutz 

Schmutz Dhamien

Gaspard Herblot 

Gaspard Herblot
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