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The Décalèou company is an association law 1901 and was created in 2007 in Marseille.

She conducts research around the clown, body percussion and voice

(body percussion, human beat box, gum boots and acappella songs).


Using three universal artistic disciplines to generate social ties and awaken joy, this supreme good that belongs to us all, and which costs nothing: this is the mission that the company has set itself.


She has created and broadcast two shows: Real Facts and Azuli Duo.

She also shares her art through numerous transmission and awareness-raising activities.

It brings together multi-disciplinary artists: Barth Russo, Luc Rodriguez and Jicé Defer at the sound and light management.


His creations and workshops are aimed at a varied and exhaustive audience.

From the youngest to the elders, handicapped or able-bodied, novices or initiates. Intervening artists roam every field as a game board. They like to intervene everywhere: in theaters, schools, hospitals, team-building, in the socio-educational environment (IRTS), at the training institute doctor laughter, or homestay…


One of our fields of action is disability awareness in partnership with the association "  Live together  ".

The show "  Real facts  » is a representation, which shows the life of a disabled person, from a completely offbeat angle (or)… It is therefore the means used to create an interaction with children and young people on these questions of difference, in schools. primary, middle and high schools.


In order to explore the  field of possibilities  ", we propose  innovative interventions by hospital clowns  with specific training and experience, with a dependent public, particularly within specialized establishments. The objective of these actions is to develop our artistic experiences  in the field of support for care practices  and thus, participate in the knowledge of the "know-how" and "know-how" of hospital clowns.

The purpose concerns transferability  of this experimental project on other specialized structures.


Head office: City of associations – BAL 154 -  93 La Canebiere 13001 Marseille  

SIRET: 509 275 244 00010 – APE: 9002Z - License: 2 106 3540  

Declaration number in the Prefecture: W 133004807 – Publication in the Official Journal: 31/03/2007

Listed on Datadock and Training Organization  Activity No. 931  315  247 13

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